Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Candidate Experience and Electoral Performance. Latin American Research Review, 2022. (with Agustina Haime and Leslie Schwindt-Bayer). Ungated version.

Gender and Family Ties in Latin American Legislatures. Politics & Gender, 2020 (with Leslie Schwindt-Bayer and Francisco Cantú). Ungated version.

Book Chapters

Candidate Political Ambition, in Mark P. Jones, ed., Voting and Political Representation in America: Issues and Trends. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2020.

Working papers

Willingness-to-pay for public policy on electrical reliability: A natural experiment on Texas winter storm 2021. With Gail J. Buttorff, Yuhsin Annie Hsu, Yewande Olapade, María P. Perez Arguelles, Pablo M. Pinto, Savannah L. Sipole, and M. C. Sunny Wong

Do female candidates give up politics easily? Evidence from Brazilian municipalities.

Does the Early Bird Always Get the Worm? How First-round Victories Affect the Chance of Winning the Second Round in Runoff Systems. With Adrián Lucardi and Juan Pablo Micozzi.

Work in Progress

Cooperation, Ethnic Diversity, and Segregation after Natural Disasters. With Pablo Balán and Pablo Pinto.

Attitudes toward economic autonomy of women in Latin America. With Gabriela Catterberg.